Welcome to Town & City Life, Knight Frank’s brand-new publication dedicated to showcasing our town and city network. We hope by reading the (digital) pages of this magazine, we can give you a better idea of how we could help you buy or sell a home in an urban environment. From Exeter in Devon to Scotland’s capital Edinburgh, we have 13 offices with teams specifically dedicated to helping clients buy and sell property in some of the UK’s towns’ and cities’ most desirable areas. This is without counting the other 28 residential sales and letting offices we have in London alone, or any number of our country offices, who cater to those looking for homes in more rural locations. Why does this matter? Well, sometimes I believe Knight Frank is somewhat unfairly branded as an estate agent who deals primarily in London property or country houses. This is true to an extent, and our reputation in these markets has been deservedly earned, but we know we offer so much more to those looking for everything in between. Today we see the sands of perception shifting, with clients of all ages, professions and nationalities thinking differently about what they want from a property. More want to take advantage of living in urban or suburban environments. From young professionals wanting to be next to the thrum of a city’s beating heart, to families with school-aged children wanting to balance space and access a greater number of amenities, we’re here to help them move. We’re also here to help our clients see things a little differently. Now we’re listening to more clients who say they want to exchange major city living for something more open or at a different pace, but not at the expense of convenience or access. We’re here to help them see that the decision doesn’t have to be so binary, and that plenty of urban environments across the UK will tick all their boxes – almost always at a significantly better price point, too. For a more personal account of this happening to one of our own, read how Regional Partner Mark Proctor swapped West London for the South West of the UK (p4). Similarly, we’re seeing more people – old and young – exchange rural living for something more vibrant or better provisioned. Often circumstance prompts this, especially as villages offer fewer local amenities and services than they did a decade ago. Today, circumstance is certainly something that is hastening people’s decisions to move to areas with more space, more variety and more connectivity. If the recent Covid-19 pandemic – and subsequent lockdown – has taught us anything, we don’t all have to be wedded to an area because it’s close to work, or because it provides pure escapism from an oppressive working environment. What we value in a property and where that property is situated may be changing, but some things do not. We recognise our clients will not compromise on some things and we work our hardest to make sure we fulfil the non-negotiables. From being close to high-quality schooling to offering property that is best-in-class, our mission to connect people with the perfect property hasn’t changed, nor will it ever. Significantly, for people who choose to sell with Knight Frank, connecting them with the right buyer and selling their property at the very best price is also a mission that will never change. We’re proud to say we offer a best-in-class service where we do this as consistently well within city or town environment as we do in London, the countryside or internationally. From page six onwards, we’ve detailed how we can make all of the above a reality across this town and city network, diving into individual areas, the areas that surround them and the teams that serve them. This is all before we mention the many other property services we offer to augment this experience. From helping you negotiate a mortgage that best suits your situation with Knight Frank Finance, or help organising the logistics of a move using our Private Residence Consultancy service, we’re confident we can satisfy all your needs and requirements. We can also help you keep abreast of movements within the property market with expert insight and clarity via our world-class research department – you can find a taste of this in our Senior Analyst Chris Druce’s town and city market overview (p3) or our Head of Retail Research Stephen Springham’s thoughts on the changing face of our high streets (p5). We really do hope you enjoy reading this new publication and that you gain a greater understanding of how Knight Frank can help you buy or sell the perfect home in the town or city of your choosing. Click through at your leisure and do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to know more about how we can help – it would be our pleasure to help partner you in your property journey.