Welcome by Charles Ingram Evans Head of Commercial Project & Building Consultancy

As the UK transitions to a net carbon zero future, we feel a renewed sense of optimism. Optimism because the world is on the road to recovery, a vaccine roll-out has begun, and businesses are re-evaluating their workplace strategies with longer-term ambitions. We learned so much about ourselves, what we value, what we have lost touch with and the positive benefits of technology. We have also moved forward in many ways. We have established that it is possible to trust home working, however we miss our colleagues, the culture of the companies we work at and most importantly the opportunity to socialise. Our planet is going through unprecedented change. Our ways of working will perhaps change forever and the buildings we work from now need to provide an environment and an experience worth leaving home for. They need to do this in a much more environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

This forms the bedrock of our offer. We deliver the excellence our clients demand.

This creates a large amount of opportunity, but also presents challenges. Although an exciting challenge to work through, with Environmental, Social and Governance initiatives being the most important development in our world of real estate. We predict that this will have a significant impact on value in 2021 and beyond. A flight to prime will put pressure on older assets. This will lead to increased CAPEX, limitations on dilapidations recoverability and a greater scrutiny by occupiers. As we transition to a net zero carbon economy, getting the right advice will challenge business plans, but we firmly believe it will result in better performance in the medium term.

Please enjoy our brochure. We have some amazing projects, and we thank our clients, our team, and our professional partners for making our work so enjoyable.

James Carter-Brown Head of Residential Building Consultancy

I share Charles’ optimism and his vision – the future is definitely looking a bit different, but that difference brings us the chance to make meaningful changes. I head up Knight Frank’s Residential Building Consultancy division. We are specialists in the high-quality Residential sector, delivering beautiful bespoke homes for private clients.

For those who are not familiar with our services, we provide a one-stop shop for your home, starting from an initial building survey through to full design and project management work. We:

Create high quality homes from £500k through to £200m

Are specialists in the renovation of heritage and listed homes

Are renowned for our expertise in interior design, private leisure/spa facilities, domotics, basement construction and landscape architecture

Also manage residential property portfolios for large institutional clients and charities

Have some of the best procurement processes in the prime residential sector

I share Charles’ optimism and his vision – the future is definitely looking a bit different

I am delighted to be joining Charles and our colleagues in Project and Building Consultancy in this brochure. Even though we create homes and deal with residential property, not commercial buildings, we have so many shared specialisms and experiences, indeed most of our team come from a commercial building surveying background (having worked in areas such as pharmaceutical, motorsport and education). It makes sense to work more collaboratively, after all, we are all doing the same thing just in different sectors and we have knowledge to share and benefits to bring our clients.

If there is anything you would like to discuss with the residential property team, do get in touch, we would love to hear from you.