Letting your property

Our Lettings and Completions Solutions team collaborates with our wide network of sales & lettings offices in London, regions and home counties to find you the perfect tenant and minimise your void period. As a global brand with a strong reputation, we attract domestic, international and corporate tenants for your properties.

By providing expert lettings advice and an exceptional service, we can maximise your return on your investments.

Important things to know

The legal regulations

Take a look at key legislation that affects you as a landlord. Our teams will be able to tell you more about these regulations and what actions you may need to take.


Knight Frank is required to conduct Client Due Diligence in accordance with the money laundering directive, and we will require some documentation from you in order to complete this process.

For more information and to see a list of required documents

Zero Deposit Guarantee

Knight Frank has partnered with Zero Deposit to offer a Zero Deposit Guarantee in place of a traditional deposit while providing you with the same protection. If agreed by both landlord and tenant, a Zero Deposit Guarantee provides cover for up to the value of six weeks rent.

The Guarantee covers any financial loss or damage referred to in the Tenancy Agreement, and in the event of a dispute, their partnership with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme ensures that if a landlord would get paid with a traditional deposit, the outcome will be the same as with Zero Deposit.

Zero Deposit helps tenants reduce the upfront cost of renting, which can help speed up the process therefore reducing void periods and giving you the potential to attract a wider audience of tenants. Tenants remain fully accountable for looking after your property and making rental payments.

Further information can be found at Zero Deposit.

Lettings & Management Fees

There are a few options available to you when choosing our lettings and management service and we like to be as transparent as possible when it comes to our fees. Please speak to one of the team to discuss the best option for you and to explain what fees apply to you and why.

Find out about the alternative levels of service we offer and the associated fees.

Property Redress Scheme

We’re always looking to improve and love to hear your thoughts. If you have feedback on our service, website or any other matter, please get in touch via LCS@knightfrank.com

We welcome your comments (good or bad) and will strive to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. If, in the rare circumstance, we’re unable to resolve your issue, you can contact the Property Redress Scheme.

Landlord and Rent Guarantee Insurance

With legislations having changed in light of the pandemic regarding notice periods on tenancies, more landlords are taking out landlord/rent guarantee insurance. If you would like some more information, please contact a member of our team.

Vacant Property Management

If you are buying a property or already own one and want to keep it for your own use, but would like someone to check in every now and then, you may consider a Vacant Property Management service. Whatever your requirements, our trained in-house team provide a truly personalised service for property management in London. With regular inspections and maintenance tailored to your exact specifications, we protect your home’s value and heritage while supporting your lifestyle. Please contact a member of our team for more information.

The Tax Service

Knight Frank is pleased to offer a tax compliance service for non-UK-resident Landlords at our global headquarters in London. The Knight Frank Tax Service has been designed to deal with all property related income matters and aims to reduce your time and costs associated with filing a UK Self-Assessment Tax Return.

Non-UK Resident Landlords (NRL)

As a non-UK resident landlord, you are liable to UK income tax on your UK rental income.

Under the non-resident landlords scheme your tenant or letting agent must withhold basic rate tax (20%) from your rental income before paying the remainder to you.

The tax withheld will be offset against that year’s tax liability; however, this might not be very efficient as you may have also incurred allowable expenses that can be deducted from your rental income, reducing the amount of income liable to tax.

Eligible landlords can apply to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to have their rental income paid to them without having any tax withheld by submitting an NRL 1 form and we can assist you with this application for a fee of GBP 150 plus VAT (where applicable) per landlord. This is an additional cost to the Tax Services fee.

The Tax Service covers

  • Preparing an annual itemised income and expenditure summary for each property owned
  • Liaising with any non-Knight Frank letting agents you use to obtain your rental statements
  • Preparing an annual cash flow statement of your lettings account
  • Completing your self-assessment tax return form for your approval
  • Advising you of any tax liability and payment due dates
  • Obtaining any tax repayment due to you from HMRC
  • Assisting with any property related enquiries raised by HMRC. Fees in dealing with the HMRC’s enquiry will be separately charged


For the above Tax Services, we charge a fee of GBP 150 plus VAT (where applicable) per tax return, for each tax year we act on your behalf; and on the basis that all information is made available and if there is any additional work required then this will be discussed prior to undertaking the additional work.

For each additional property, solely or jointly owned, we will charge an additional fee of £150 per tax return.

If you do decide to register yourself, use the Knight Frank Agency code: 922 NA 010839.

Please complete the registration, print off the form and return it to HMRC by post.


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