Outstanding Leader Award

Helen Davies-Parsons Dormy Care Communities

Position: CEO

Nomination: Outstanding Leader

“How many CEOs put on a nurses uniform and work 7 days a week in a home with Covid? Often doing a 12-hour shift popping home to sleep for four hours and back to do a night shift? Not returning home to be with her husband for endless weeks as she didn’t want to let people down? I don’t know many other CEOs who would be on the front line day and night supporting those with symptoms. During this period of unknown times she seriously went above and beyond to support our ladies, gentlemen and staff. Working tirelessly as a nurse, leading by example, fighting for testing in Wales, speaking on BBC Wales radio and BBC news.”

“Dormy wouldn’t be what it is without Helen and we thank her for everything she does and for who she is.”

Wendy Westbury, Dormy Care Communities

Nominator: Wendy Westbury