Who would have guessed the year that was?

Hong Kong unrest, Covid-19 with lockdowns, travel corridors, turmoil across the globe but now the relief of a vaccine and the real hope that is accompanying that. And let’s not forget a US Presidential election, Brexit talks still (was it really four and half years since Great Britain voted to leave?), the use of Market Uncertainty clauses and the very rapid decline in retail real estate values in many parts of the world as a result of internet retailing hastened by the onset of Covid. The part each and every one of you has played in the face of such adversity has been quite simply “amazing”. Real and total dedication to the Global Valuation & Advisory Service Line and to your clients. With this a huge, huge thank you for all your incredible hard work. It has not been easy for anyone, and for some the very sad loss of loved ones and close friends during the year. I’m not going to point to the many successful mandates which have been won, executed and invoiced, many of which are highlighted in this newsletter. However, one theme which has been, and will remain, on the Global Service Line agenda is the subject of Best Practice. Without exception, and with your help and with the help of those who sit on the Valuation Accreditation Committees (be they Global, European, African & Middle East or Asia Pac), we have really pushed forward on this subject, to the benefit of all. One example is the recent appointment of Neil Harvey, as National Head of QA, previously with AustralianSuper and based in Melbourne, Australia. A huge, heartfelt thank you from me and the wider Knight Frank Partnership to you all, for everything you have achieved over these past twelve months. Valuation & Advisory, always a powerhouse within Knight Frank, has been so important and so valuable (no pun intended) during a time when other service lines have been really up against it. Equally, a huge shout out to them, for the general support they have provided to us as valuers. So… to you all, and your families, I hope you had a Very Happy Christmas, congratulations for the massive achievement as a stand out service line and a Very Happy New Year to you all for the year to come; 2021 and with it the opportunities and I fervently hope more stability. Thank you. Rupert

Global Head of Valuation & Advisory