Our specialist

national team

Our specialist team have a National reach and are happy to offer advice, give us a call to discuss today.

National Enquiry Desk


Keith Cooney

Partner, National Service Line Head +44 7771 594 875 Keith.Cooney@knightfrank.com

Nick Bell

Stephen White

Lucy Jasper

Council Tax (BTR) Specialist +44 7866 191 162 Lucy.Jasper@knightfrank.com

Carla Eckhardt

Bjorn Bowles

Simon Berkley

Jeffrey Waters

Associate, Rate Payment Manager +44 7976 657 656 Jeffrey.Waters@knightfrank.com

Lorna-Mae Rawlinson

Emelia Reindorf


Rohan Short


David Comer

Associate +44 7970 251 799 David.Comer@knightfrank.com

Lucy Harding

Mark Longmore

Business Development Officer +44 7971 138 358 Mark.Longmore@knightfrank.com